Brak Pak tomatoes from planting to harvest - VIDEO

The Brackley family have been growing tomatoes, Jap and Butternut pumpkin, and mangoes in Bowen for 43 years and have been supplying JH Leavy & Co for a similar time period.

Andy Brackley founded the farm and now his son, Craig, manages the business.

The Brackley family are renowned growers and are passionate about their produce. They currently hold over 1000 acres of fertile land and farm approximately 300 acres of this land each year. This allows for ideal crop rotation to maintain their high standards for quality.

They farm approximately 180 acres of tomatoes, 70 acres of Jap pumpkin, 60 acres of Butternut pumpkin and 70-80 acres of Mangoes (R2E2).

Gourmet tomatoes are a significant Brak Pak line that JH Leavy and Co manage exclusively the distribution of to retail. Volume is in excess of 400,000 10kg cartons per season (June to November).

Check out the process for producing tomatoes at the Brak Pak farm from planting to harvest.

Footage courtesy of Craig’s son Callum.

Brak Pak’s national marketing and distribution of their tomatoes, jap and butternut pumpkin and mangoes, has been managed exclusively by JH Leavy & Co for over 20 years from our Queensland warehousing facility.

Our relationship is based on trust, transparency and a motivation to achieve the best possible outcome.

JH Leavy & Co provides service to Brak Pak from receipt to consolidation and dispatch including quality inspection, reporting, and expert handling and conditioning throughout.

Key aspects of our service provision to Brak Pak are:

  • Maintaining cold chain management integrity;
  • Dispatching product dispatched within 24 hours of harvest/receipt; and
  • Delivering QA using Muddy Boots inspection software system.

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