Sales Floor

Sales Floor

The Sales Floor of J. H. Leavy & Co. has 3 prominent sections in the middle of Building B of the Brisbane Markets.

  1. Capable of displaying and storing 50 pallets of produce

  2. Cashiers office and sales/management offices.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse

The warehouse is located within the Southgate East Precinct of the Brisbane Markets in Units A and B of Building J1. The Southgate East buildings were completed in September 2009 and offer some of the latest technology for the storage and handling of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  1. Loading and unloading is able to be performed through 8 sealed loading docks with dock levellers (which provides an unbroken cool chain) or onto one of the 2 finger docks.

  2. There is more than 4,500 square metres of refrigerated floor space and racking capable of storing more than 1,500 pallets within 6 coldrooms, 5 fast cold rooms / ripening rooms and 2 enormous staging rooms.

The refrigeration is produced by state of the art Thermfresh® cooling systems and maintained to optimum efficiency by Cool Dynamics.

Administration Offices

The Administration Offices

The administration offices are connected to the warehouse in Building K1 and provide more offices, a reception and a meeting room.